Info: Collages


I have been fascinated with collage for many years. I tend to work with minimal elements and prefer geometric designs with activate white space. I also produce a more ‘looser’ aesthetic but again try to keep the elements to a minimum. My work explores personal themes and collected ideas; it visually comments on past memories and thoughts about the absurdity of life. I’m also interested in how humans present themselves to the world and what they hide – or keep otherwise secret. Life is surreal, unpredictable and often painful; this makes collage an ideal medium to express those hard facts. Numbers and letters will appear in my work, either as fragments or complete words. I’m particularly interested in numbers since our lives are dominated by them – think about that for a minute!

I read an awful lot of books on the subject of Buddhism and I also read texts which discuss human nature. For example, at the moment I’m reading about the ‘Shadow’ which is theorised in Jungian psychology. I find that what I read inevitably presents itself in my work.